Multimillion-Dollar Titanic Commemorative Installation at Mystic Aquarium Opening April 12, 2012

 Beckoning visitors to “journey to new depths of discovery,” Sea Research Foundation, operator of Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, Conn., yesterday previewed its major new exhibit — Titanic – 12,450 Feet Below — located at Mystic Aquarium’s newly renamed Ocean Exploration Center exhibit hall.

The new exhibit, opening to the public on April 12, marks the 100th anniversary of the maiden voyage and loss of the celebrated ocean liner. It is the product of a very special collaboration between famed oceanographic explorer Dr. Robert Ballard, president of Sea Research Foundation’s Institute for Exploration, who led the 1985 expedition that first located and mapped the sunken Titanic, and Tim Delaney, the former top Walt Disney Imagineering designer. Now head of Tim J. Delaney Design, he has collaborated with Dr. Ballard on several projects over the past 30 years. The Ocean Exploration Center renovation and its inaugural Titanic – 12,450 Feet Below exhibit are sponsored by United Technologies Corporation.

Sea Research Foundation President & CEO Dr. Stephen M. Coan has called the renamed Ocean Exploration Center and centenary Titanic exhibit “A unique and important collaboration that will give people a chance to experience Titanic through the eyes of the person who found her, someone recognized as one of the world’s greatest explorers, and through the imagination of a world-renowned exhibit designer. We believe that the Ballard and Delaney team, with the support of one of America’s greatest companies, under the aegis of an organization dedicated to protecting our oceans through research, education and exploration, is an unbeatable formula for public enrichment and inspiration.”

Tim Delaney described the exhibit that he and his team are building as “a very different approach to the Titanic experience, one that taps directly into the excitement of exploration and discovery. Our Titanic exhibit is awe-inspiring and emotional. It is designed to capture the moment of discovery that only access to the actual discoverer’s insight and vision can deliver. Working hand-in-glove with Bob Ballard and Sea Research has enabled us to create something that both adults and children will find thrilling, immersive, interactive, experiential and memorable. Titanic – 12,450 Feet Below takes you there.”


Bringing the legendary vessel’s timeless history to life, Titanic – 12,450 Feet Below captivates minds with a glowing iceberg that is cold to the touch, a bi-level adventure area inspired by Titanic’s engine room, hands-on experiences that unfold Titanic’s lingering mysteries, and modern deep-sea technology that led to Titanic’s eventual discovery.


When Dr. Ballard became the first person in 73 years to lay eyes on the deep-sea wreck of the Titanic, his identification with the discovery was sealed forever. While mountains of historical, technical and testimonial documentation abound, Dr. Ballard has always been the indisputable constant in Titanic’s rediscovery—and the redoubling of interest in its story as the centenary date approaches. With Titanic – 12,450 Feet Below, Dr. Ballard and Delaney offer the public a fresh view into the mystery, science and fascination of Titanic.

“The Titanic sinking is, of course, one of the greatest dramas of the last century,” said Dr. Ballard. “Everything about her conception, construction, launch, passage, passengers, loss and legend is fascinating and mind-boggling. Our goal with this new exhibit has been to draw visitors into the wonder of discovery by exposing them to natural phenomena such as icebergs, hydrodynamics, navigation, deep-sea exploration, and to present them with challenges, options and insights for interpreting the story on their own. We follow the mantra of learning by doing, and this new exhibit is designed to do just that. I believe that the excitement of discovery is transferrable and can inspire future generations of explorers, discoverers and innovators. That’s what Titanic – 12,450 Feet Below is all about.”


Titanic – 12,450 Feet Below, opening to the public on April 12, is located at Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, Conn. Exhibit admission is included with the facility’s general admission prices and membership.


About Sea Research Foundation Based in Mystic, Conn., Sea Research Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that operates Mystic Aquarium, Institute for Exploration and, in partnership with National Geographic Society, The JASON Project and its Immersion Learning program. The mission of Sea Research is to inspire people to care for and protect our ocean planet through education, research and exploration. Sea Research receives major support from United Technologies Corp., The Coca-Cola Company and Foxwoods Resort Casino. For more information, visit

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