Rob Zombie, Stretching the Limits

High energy, metal entertainment at Mohegan Sun Arena


Mohegan Sun hosts many events in their arena, from 80’s bands to country music bands. None of those bands could have rocked the place harder than “Mr. Satan” himself, Rob Zombie. Rob Zombie is a metal icon and filmmaker with a unique vision. He has a reputation for stretching the limits of both music and film so I was expecting a lot. I wasn’t disappointed!

I have seen many metal shows in my life and Rob Zombie is up there as one of the best of them. He was very interactive with the crowd and at one point he even jumped into the mass of attendees! He kept the crowd energetic and fed off this energy, sending it back to the crowd, keeping them pumped up.


It is really hard to describe what a Rob Zombie show is like but I think this quote from rob zombie himself sums up pretty well, speaking directly to the audience; “Nobody wants to be the weird kid. You just somehow end up being the weird kid you can’t figure out how you got there. And you know, Metal’s sorta like that… except it’s all the weird kids in one place.”

Usually when I attend a metal show, I end up getting stuck in a badly ventilated, sweaty, over crowded venue. Mohegan Sun’s arena is spacious and clean and well run. There is staff everywhere to help you get to your seat and plenty of food stands and bars to satisfy your concert needs.

Mohegan Sun and Rob Zombie made for a great show in a great venue.


For information about the Mohegan Sun Arena and a list of scheduled events, check out their website at

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