A “First Class” Airplane Nap

A look at the Travelrest Pillow and Blanket

Haven’t you ever just wanted to fly first class in an airplane, just to see what it was like? I sure have, but I just never could seem to afford the ticket. First class isn’t just about the food, free alcohol and wider seats; it’s also about staying warm and cozy while traveling, not just in first class. To actually be able to feel comfortable with a real blanket instead of those little pieces of felt fabric that they tried to pass as a blanket and a soft, comfortable pillow sounds pretty appealing while flying.

Riding in economy class on a plane isn’t that terrible, except when I’m not comfortable. I am usually with my husband, so he tends to be my ‘pillow and blanket’. Sometimes I find the ones that are distributed to us aren’t even as cozy as his shoulder, particularly that tiny thing they call a pillow.  I mean, a ‘pillow’ is supposed to be big and fluffy, not held together with something that looks like gauze! Well, I end up settling because I don’t want to cart around a big pillow.

Enter the Travelrest pillow and blanket:   comfortable, affordable and convenient.   One of helpers had  the chance to use them on a vacation trip.  The pillow is actually made of micro fleece so it was warm and cuddly.  The amazing thing about it is that it can be used for other purposes than just a blanket.  It can be a support for the back, a pillow, or a blanket… and it has a handle so it also can be easily carried.

Another fascinating feature about this blanket is that it won’t slip off the shoulders.  I can’t tell you how many times I have been sleeping on a plane, all wrapped up in a blanket, only to waken to a blast of cool air from the fan and shivering because the blanket has slipped off my shoulders!  This blanket is designed as a poncho, covering the shoulders and a zipper on the front, allowing the blanket to stay on the shoulders and not slipping off.  I was impressed with this feature but a little concerned about having to unzip and take the item off every time I had to get up to move around.  Or more so, if there were an emergency, it might be a struggle to quickly take off the poncho.

It is priced at $24.95 and is easy to clean and very light weight.

Travelrest also manufactures a pillow that is uniquely designed to be used while traveling, whether it is car, train, airplane or other modes of transportation.  The pillow is to be inflated, which doesn’t require a lot of effort, extending to a J-shape that provides an over-the-shoulder rest for your head.  Its ergonomic style allows the head to rest comfortably on it side and not straining the neck.  There is also a piece of hardware that allows the pillow to be attached to a seat belt, which keeps it in place.  It can also be used without the attachment with still the same effect.  It is extremely compact and can be carried on luggage or even in a pocketbook.  It is that small! And, that convenient!

My helper said that he really enjoyed the comfort of the pillow and not having his head flop around while flying.  It was easy to inflate, to deflate and easy to carry.  He said that he didn’t attach the pillow to his seatbelt because he was afraid that it would get caught or entangled on something when he got up to move around.  However, he did say that it came in handy when he was in the airport waiting for the plane because he maneuvered the pillow to be carried like a messenger bag and he was able to rest comfortably on the chairs in the airport.

The pillow comes in different colors (as does the blanket) with the availability of a cover, if desired.  The cost is $26.95, which to me is worth the price to pay for my comfort. Hey husband, look out, your shoulder will soon be replaced by this super comfortable pillow!

Please visit their website at: www.travelrest.net for more information on ordering and availability.  There is no price for comfort as far as I am concerned!




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